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Postcards: White lake

Believe it or not, it’s sunny in Madison, Wisc.

Well, a sunny 23 degrees.

This is Lake Mendota, near the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where Derek is — and wearing several layers of clothing including a down jacket.

Beautiful, but I’d rather see a photo than actually be standing there. Just saying.

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FUUD: Best of #CatTravels

FUUD: Best of #CatTravels

Traveling is tiring.

You wait in airports, you stand in security lines, you drive for miles. There’s nothing more miserable.

But there’s also nothing more inspiring and exciting and completely exhilarating, either. Which is why we endure the pain and suffering and the kid kicking the back of your airplane seat. Because we know the pleasures traveling can bring.

And in my case, that pleasure usually comes served on a plate.

The best part of traveling, for me, is usually the food.

I love trying new restaurants, sampling new cuisines — it’s a fun way to learn about a new city.

On this last trip, I spent three weeks in four states. So imagine all the food I ate!

Here are some of my noshing highlights in Madison, Chicago and Las Vegas. (I didn’t eat much in Arizona.)

Welcome to the Midwest

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I spent most of this trip in the Midwest, particularly Madison, Wisc. and Chicago. So we ate a lot of brats and cheese and drank a lot of beer. Or at least Derek did.


Dog Kimono from Inu Inu Hawaii

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Days left: 3

Dog kimono or yukata from Inu Inu Hawaii (www.inuinuhawaii.com)

Price: $30 online or at pet boutiques such as Calvin & Susie in Kilohana Square

The gist: Bored of the usual dog outfits? Or your pooch is quite the fashion diva? Get a kimono (or yukata) from Honolulu-based Inu Inu Hawaii, which specializes in unique Asian-inspired apparel for dogs. They come in all sizes — in fact, you can custom order ones for larger breeds — and patterns. Imagine your Rottweiler in one of these!

Best for: Dog owners, of course!

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#CatTravels: Arriving in Chicago

#CatTravels: Arriving in Chicago

I haven’t been back to Chicago in years, and ask Derek, I talk about this city all the time.

I loved my time here, from the restaurant we’d frequent to the swing dancing classes we’d take on Wednesday nights to the late-night el rides back to the apartment after a long day on campus.

There were so many places I missed: New Japan in Evanston (which closed), used bookstores and coffee shops on every block, professional sports. And the food scene here is vibrant and dynamic, with new restaurants always opening and old familiar eateries hanging on with loyal patrons and great food.

I had been bugging Derek to go with me to Chicago, so he could see all the places I used to eat, the people I used to hang out with, the things I used to do. So, since I was going to be in Madison, which is just a three-hour drive away, I thought, “Why not make it a side trip to Chicago?”

So we hopped in our rental car and drove to Chicago — via a craft brewery and Milwaukee,of course.

Here’s what our first day in Chicago looked like:

Leaving Madison

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We got up early this morning and left Madison for Chicago — via a brewery that was on our must-visit list.

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Need tips for my trip to Madison

Need tips for my trip to Madison

I can’t believe I’m leaving for Madison, Wisc. this week.

I remember booking the trip months ago, thinking, “Man, I’m planning ahead!”

But now it’s just a few days away — and while I’m stressing about getting all my work done before I get on that plane (and yes, it’s a United flight), I’m excited about going to a city I’ve never been to before.

Believe it or not, I’ve been to Wisconsin. When I was a graduate student at Northwestern University, I spent Thanksgiving with my classmate’s family just outside of Milwaukee. I immediately fell in love with the area — rolling hills, strawberry farms, actual apple trees. (We don’t have those in Hawaii!)

But Madison will be a whole new experience.

This charming college town of 233,000 people — 17,000 of which are Asian, just FYI — is home to museums, art galleries, breweries, farms, coffee shops, vintage bookstores, restaurants, casinos, hiking trails, even a few drive-in theaters.

For sure, I want to walk about the University of Wisconsin, where Derek is getting his Ph.D. I want to see all the places he haunts, from the campus coffee shop he frequents to the Wisconsin Historical Society (above) where he studies every weekend.

But I wouldn’t mind checking out the Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.; touring the Cave of the Mounds, a popular and quite beautiful cave about 20 miles west of Madison; the Third Coast Surf Shop, your one-stop-shop for lake surfing; and — get this — the National Mustard Museum, where you can sample the world’s mustards.

See? Lots to do.

Anyone got any other suggestions for me?

I’ll be traveling to Madison, Chicago and Las Vegas on this two-week, whirlwind tour. Follow me on Twitter (@thedailydish) and Facebook (/thecatdish).

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Postcards: Bavarian-style wrap

Today’s lunch in Madison: a crispy buffalo chicken wrap with cheddar cheese and ranch dressing from a Bavarian-style eatery on campus. With chips, just $5.95.

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