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Why are we so addicted to reality TV?

By On November 4, 2013

Has it been six seasons already? It seems like only yesterday we met NeNe Leakes’ big personality and Kim Zolciak’s wigs. Now the entire case of Bravo’s mega-hit “The Real Housewives of… Read More


Super Bowl audience was the real winner

By On February 4, 2013

Millions of people around the world watched one of the most exciting Super Bowl games — at least in the second half — I can remember. And though Ravens are celebrating today… Read More


Stop my infomercial urge!

By On January 3, 2013

Some mornings, when I wake up before the morning news is on, I wind up watching infomercials. And lately, it’s been about the Wen Hair Care System. Did you know it’s a… Read More


Great Debate: McGarrett vs. Danno

By On September 1, 2011

It’s almost like choosing between Team Edward or Team Jacob. (Thanks to all the “Twilight” fans who got that reference.) Turns out, there are clearly distinct camps when it comes to the… Read More


The most unlikely competitive eater

By On August 4, 2011

Lauren Takao is a 30-year-old fifth grade teacher at Christian Academy who helps coach the school’s cross country team. She’s a Beachbody — think P90X and Insanity — coach and part-time yoga… Read More