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Someone explain cheating to me

By On November 14, 2012

Cheating is everywhere, it seems. In the White House, on vacation, around the corner of your Orlando, Fla. mansion with your Swedish wife standing over you holding a golf club. The latest… Read More


Ask Dr. Dish: ‘Am I fat?’

By On September 24, 2012

This isn’t technically a real “Ask Dr. Dish” question, but it’s one I’ve heard over the years. The question is: “What do you tell someone who asks, ‘Am I getting fat?'” It’s… Read More


Can men and women be ‘just friends’?

By On April 8, 2012

Growing up, I didn’t see how guys and girls couldn’t be friends. And I think I was partially right. At the time, sure, guys and girls could hang out on the basketball… Read More


Couples can’t share everything — can they?

By On January 30, 2012

Secrets. We all have them. But when do you have to share them with your partner — and when can you keep them to yourself? It’s a tough question. People keep secrets for… Read More


Relationship status: ‘It’s complicated’

By On October 10, 2011

The first thing on my girlfriend’s list of things to do once she got married? Change her Facebook status. And I don’t mean after her honeymoon. She updated her status as soon… Read More