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Learning wine from the master

By On February 5, 2016

I know hardly anything about wine. Except that it’s alcoholic, it comes from grapes, and I like it. Like most wine novices, I’m stuck in a single category of wine. Right now,… Read More


A Day in the Life of a Magazine Writer

By On January 20, 2016

People often wonder what I do all day. If you follow me on social media, it may look like all I do is eat, surf, hike with my dogs and bake butter… Read More


Some things (should) never change

By On January 15, 2016

Last night a group of us met up for drinks at AMUSE Wine Bar in the Honolulu Design Center. It had been a long day, and a glass of rosé sounded incredibly… Read More


Saying goodbye to my Murano

By On January 12, 2016

I never thought I’d get so attached to a car I never wanted. Back in 2011, I totaled my 2000 Honda Civic on Kalaniana‘ole Highway. I had had that car for 11… Read More


#CatResolves: This year, I’m keeping it simple

By On December 29, 2015

Every year around New Year’s, without fail, I’ve come up with a laundry list of changes I want to make in the coming year. It ranges from the super easy — “Floss!” — to… Read More