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Oh, the bad choices we've made

Oh, the bad choices we've made

There’s really no one to blame by ourselves.

Well, unless you want to blame the media for hyping all the things we ended up buying, sharing, quoting, storing, flaunting and raving about a decade (or more) ago.

I was having lunch the other day with Danielle Scherman, founder and president of Social Wahines — about a more serious subject, of course — when the topic of bodysuits came up.

Oh, you remember those. They were such the thing back in the ’90s, when we were all sporting high-waisted pants that required tucked-in shirts.

Well, someone — some genius, to be honest — invented the bodysuit, a form-fitting garment similar to leotards except there were snaps or hooks at the crotch. Meaning, easy bathroom breaks.

The beauty of the body suit was that it didn’t ever get un-tucked or look disheveled. It was awesome — back then. Now, I don’t think anyone would be admit to owning one.

While we had a good laugh about this brief fashion trend, it did make me think of all the bad, bad choices we’ve made in our youth, from perming our hair at home to buying Milli Vanilli’s album.

Then, it didn’t seem so bad. Everyone else was doing it, so how bad could it be?

But in hindsight — and you know how clear that can be — these look like bad choices.

Made me think about the choices I’m making right now — and how bad they’ll seem later. Like spending more hours than I’d like to admit watching marathons of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” or wolfing acai bowls because they’re supposed to be healthy.

I remember when eggs were good, then bad, then good for you. I remember when jelly sandals were all the rage. I remember parachute pants and crop tops (which are making a comeback, by the way).

Anyone got a faux pax you’d like to admit?

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ASK DR. DISH: Gifts for mom

ASK DR. DISH: Gifts for mom

Question: My mom is so hard to shop for. Every year we have the same problem: what do we get mom for her birthday, for Christmas and now for Mother’s Day. Any suggestions?

Answer: I have the same problem! Except the way we deal with it is to ask Mom what she wants — or let her buy it herself. I know, I know, it’s no fun. But at least she gets exactly what she needs or wants without the hassle of having to return whatever we bought.

I went online this morning to look for gift ideas. A lot of sites — like Red Envelope and Amazon — categorized their suggestions by personality. For the workout mom, get her a new set of yoga mats. For the foodie mom, get her cooking tools or gadgets.

But Howard Dicus of Hawaii News Now said it best this morning on his “Ask Howard” segment. Someone asked him what to get for his mom for Mother’s Day — which is May 9, by the way — and he answered, “Time.”

Your mom probably has everything she needs. But what she would probably like is you spending quality time with her. Take her out to a nice dinner, invite her kids and grandkids, talk story and be together. I’m pretty sure my mom would like that, too — with some cheesecake, of course.

Any other ideas?

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Turning 36, no turning back

Turning 36, no turning back

Last year on my birthday I woke up with a pounding headache.

At first I thought I had a migraine. Everything — the light outside, the noise from the TV, my dog licking my feet — was bothering me.

I was in severe pain, didn’t want to get out of bed, could barely think clearly.

When it donned on me: I didn’t have a migraine. I had a hangover.

At the age of 35, I was experiencing — for the first time in my life — what most 21-year-olds wake up with the day after their birthdays.

It was a bit pathetic, I’ll be honest, but it was also a hard lesson: I wasn’t a young kid anymore. I was getting old. And that meant my body wasn’t as resilient — or tolerant — as it used to be.

Now, I realize 36 isn’t that old. But it’s not young, either. If I got pregnant now, the chances for chromosomal abnormalities is substantially higher. If I wanted to lose weight now, it would be twice as hard, as my metabolism has slowed and my ability to burn calories on the decline.


But there are upsides to being older. I know better, for one. And I tend to care less about what people think of me or my wardrobe choices.

We are a society obsessed with our ages, with getting older. We do anything to stay younger, from eye creams that promise reduction of wrinkles to major surgery to restore our bodies to our previously youthful state. It’s a lot of pressure to not get old.

But, for whatever reason, I’m not worried about getting older. At least not yet. I actually like the fact that I’m in my 30s. I feel like people will take me seriously, that I’m not some young kid trying to assert herself in the “adult world.”

I say that now. We’ll see how I feel when I turn 40.

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Kona: Last day of eating

Kona: Last day of eating

It was inevitable.

My midweek jaunt to Kona was coming to an end.

That meant is was back to work — not that I left that behind in Honolulu — household chores, morning traffic, crowded surf breaks, fast food and parking wars at Costco.

The trip reminded me what I love about Hawaii — its laid-back feel, a sharing of cultures, a storied history and a strong connection to food.

On our last day in Kona, we drove around looking for places to eat — and discovered something about my own heritage.

I know! Can you believe it?

Here’s what Thursday’s adventure looked like:

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Making Portuguese sweet bread

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Kona: Northbound

Kona: Northbound

One of the must-trys on my list of things to do in Kona was, literally, “Eat malassadas at Tex Drive In.”

I had never been. And being such a malassada connoisseur — OK, not really, but I do love to eat them — I figured I had to try this popular Big Island version.

Lucky for us, the restaurant opened a location in Kopiko Plaza in Kailua-Kona in January. That meant we didn’t have to drive out to Honokaa — about an hour drive from downtown Kona — to its original location, opened in 1969.

But we did anyway.

And not just because I was desperate to try Tex’s fried dough. I wanted to see all the sights along the way: views of the ocean from Hualalai, Waimea Town, Anna Ranch, Waipio Valley, Hapuna Beach.

So we hit the road early, hoping to reach Tex’s by lunch. Or at least before it closed.

Here’s what today’s adventure looked like:

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Dining at Tex Drive In

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