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#CatTravels: Farewell, Brisbane

It was our last day in Brisbane, and we had two final things on our to-do list: eat at a chocolateria and find a farmer’s market.

And we almost did neither.

We found a few farmer’s markets that looked interesting but were on the other side of town. So we’d have to forego the chocolateria to get there. But then, we might arrive at these markets too late — or they might not very interesting — but we knew the chocolate shop was the real thing, so maybe we’d just head there instead.

It was a tough decision.

So we went with the latter, heading to San Churro Chocolateria, a popular spot on the South Bank that serves up churros, or Spanish donuts, with a choice of decadent sauces — among other things. (These shops are all over Australia.)

Turns out, after indulging in some fried dough, we stumbled on a street festival on Little Stanley Street called the South Bank Lifestyle Market.


So on our last half-day in Brisbane, we were able to knock the last two items off our list — and still had time to buy Vegemite to take back home.

Here’s what our last day looked like:


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Like other major cities, Brisbane offers the use of city bicycles. When the program, CityCycle (www.citycycle.com.au/), is completed, there will be 150 stations across Brisbane's center. It cost $2 for the day, with options for longer subscriptions.

Special thanks to Melissa Chang, Ed Sugimoto and Kaleo Lancaster for making the trip so much fun! And a shout-out to Hawaiian Airlines for arranging our flights, hotels and tours! And thanks to all of you for following our adventure Down Under!

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#CatTravels: Going ‘native’ on Gold Coast, West End

On our second-to-the-last day in Brisbane, we decided to get out of dodge.

We hopped on the train and headed south to the Gold Coast, out to where the locals hung. We met up with a friend (and native), Kay Russell, who took us on the insider’s tour of the area. We definitely learned a lot! (That’s another blog!)

And when we got back to Brisbane, we headed straight to another local spot, Tukka Restaurant, to sample some native berries, nuts and meats, including kangaroo. (OK, I didn’t actually eat the kangaroo. I just couldn’t. Not after I hand-fed some of its relatives!)

This was exactly what we had wanted to do — see the local hangouts and taste the unique offerings of Australia.

It was an adventurous day for us, and we lived to blog about it!

Catching the TRANSLink

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We decided to ditch the Brisbane CBD (central business district) and head somewhere new. So we made plans with a friend who lives on the Gold Coast to visit her. So we hopped on the very convenient TRANSLink to get there.

Follow my adventures in Brisbane on Twitter at @thedailydish and Instagram at @catherinetoth.

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#CatTravels: Eating Vegemite, The Video

Melissa Chang made me do it.

I’m talking about eating Vegemite, an Australian food spread made from yeast extract. It’s served everywhere here and used in sandwiches, on toast, even as a filling in pastries.

Trust me, it’s not appealing.

But since we were in Brisbane, we had to try it.

Here’s our verdict:

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#CatTravels: Koalas and kangaroos, oh my!

There weren’t a lot of things I had to do while in Brisbane.

Sure, I wanted to try the local cuisine and walk across Story Bridge. But the one thing I was most excited about — and it wasn’t eating Vegemite — was seeing the Australian wildlife, particularly the koalas and kangaroos.

So we headed to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, the world’s first and largest koala sanctuary, with more 130 koalas and other animals, to up close and personal with the country’s iconic animals.

I couldn’t wait!

My goal: to cuddle a koala.

Here’s what our day trip to the sanctuary — and what we ate after — looked like:

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

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All I wanted to do on this trip was cuddle a koala — and it was actually in our itinerary on Friday. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the world's first and largest koala sanctuary with more than 130 koalas. And it's one of the only places that allows you to handle these marsupials. We're so there!

Follow my adventures in Brisbane on Twitter at @thedaiydish and on Instagram at @catherinetoth.

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#CatTravels: Brisbane at night

Something happens to cities when the sun drops below the horizon and sinks out of sight.

And in the case with Brisbane, the moment is magical.

The air cools, the pubs overflow, the lights from the city dance on the Brisbane River.

We decided to take a stroll down to the South Bank again — this time at night — to capture the city at its most stunning.

Here’s what the night looked like:

Happy hour

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From 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., the Sofitel Brisbane, where we were staying, holds a happy hour with free snacks and cocktails. It was definitely a huge perk of staying there (and made the hefty pricetag worth it).

Follow my adventures in Brisbane on Twitter at @thedailydish and on Instagram at @catherinetoth.

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