Your all-time favorite dessert

Your all-time favorite dessert

The other day I was asking the Old Guys I surf with what their all-time favorite dessert would be.

And they could only pick one.

The answers surprised me, actually. One picked lemon squares with a shortbread crust. Another picked red velvet cake a la mode. Another brought up the lemon crunch cake from The Alley in Aiea. And another chose homemade custard pie — cold.

My mom would probably say New York-style cheesecake. My dad would pick my mom’s homemade chocolate cream pie. And Derek couldn’t decide between carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

I was surprised how much debate this simple question stirred. So I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter the same question. The responses — some shown below — were varied and, in some cases, incredibly detailed:

• Haupia sweet potato pie (Vicky Kometani)
• Bread pudding (Jolene Sasaki)
Kaneohe Bakery’s custard pie (@KANtext)
• Chocolate tart with fresh raspberries (@staceyj64)
• Tempura ice cream from Restaurant Suntory (Scott James Bradshaw)
Liliha Bakery coco puffs or mac cream puffs (@jmom808 and John Garcia)
• Chocolate souffle from Roy’s Restaurant (Tammy Mori)
Zippy’s chantilly or dobash cake (Neil Yamamoto and John Garcia)
• Creme brulee (Sara Boaz Beaudrie and @handsofgold265)
• Sweet potato cheesecake (@toddgilleland)
• Banana cream pie (@hondad007)
• Tirimisu cheesecake with bananas foster sauce from the Top of Waikiki (@LHaloha)
• Apple tart at Le Bistro with either whipped cream or vanilla ice cream (Dawn T. Sakamoto)
• Panna cotta (Amy McMullen Lewark)
Ben & Jerry’s hand-packed chocolate ice cream (Kory Young)

And that’s just a sampling of what people said!

The interesting thing: there weren’t many repeats. It seemed like everyone had his or her own unique dessert craving.

What’s mine? It’s not easy picking one — especially for me — but I’ll go with the malassadas from Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop. I just can’t get sick of those!

What’s your all-time favorite dessert? And more importantly, why?

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Today’s happy shot

A slice of my first lemon meringue pie. That my mom really made.


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Confession: I’m a honker

Confession: I’m a honker

I could blame a lot of things: my upbringing, the years spent in Catholic school, a subconscious attraction to drama.

But I’m a honker.

I’ve been one since before I had a driver’s license. I would reach over and honk someone’s else car horn if I felt an injustice had transpired. Illegal lane-changing, aggressive merging, fiddling with radio dials or applying mascara in a moving vehicle — I’ve always felt it was my responsibility to keep drivers in line.

And I don’t feel badly when others honk at me. (As long as they’re right.)

I know honking isn’t widely accepted on Hawaii’s roadways. We like to “Drive with Aloha” and use our car horns only when we know someone in another car or walking down the street. But I like to honk when necessary — and I honk often.

But I didn’t know — until reading Kokua Line last week in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser — that honking in Honolulu can be unlawful.

According to the article, there’s a city law that outlines exactly when you can use your car horn. And that’s when it’s “reasonably necessary” for safety purposes.

Seems like a very subjective parameter.

And get this: the law prohibits using a horn in any other situation — including saying hi to your uncle crossing the street or alerting the car in front that, uh, the light turned green 10 seconds ago.

I can’t believe this law exists, honestly. Not that I think everyone should irresponsibly use their car horns. But to ban the friendly use of them seems a bit, well, unreasonable — and completely unenforceable.

Of course, I say this because the car horn is the second most-used switch in my car, next to window wipers.

Got an opinion on this?

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Today’s happy shot

What’s your favorite miniature?


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You tell me: Pope-worthy gift?

You tell me: Pope-worthy gift?

When NBC’s “Today” co-anchor Matt Lauer visited the Vatican on Wednesday, he slide the Holy Father a small box. It in was this $850 Steuben glass cat.

It’s widely known that Pope Benedict XVI is a cat lover — but was this the best gift to present?

I’ll be honest: I wouldn’t know what to get the Holy See — and I’m a recovering Catholic! But I did find the pricey glass cat figurine to be, well, a bit decorative for someone who took an oath of poverty.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a stylish cat. I’m sure cat collectors around the world would love this. But the pope?

I don’t know, you tell me.

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