Today’s happy shot

Anytime I can eat a cream or cocoa puff from Komoda Bakery in Makawao is a happy day.


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Maui Revisited, Day 2

Maui Revisited, Day 2

You know how you have all these plans on your vacation — and you wind up lounging on the beach with a trashy magazine?

Well, that’s not what happened with me yesterday. But I did have lofty ideas of all the things I could accomplish in 24 hours — not really factoring in drive times and, well, napping.

Turns out, I didn’t get around to hiking Waihee Valley or finding out how that bartender makes his muddled blueberry mojito. But I did do — and eat — some pretty cool stuff.

Here’s what my second day on Maui looked like:

Maui Arts & Culture Center

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Our first stop yesterday was to check out the Maui Arts & Culture Center, a world-class performing arts facility in Kahului. This is the new outdoor pavilion — which Elton John opened in February — and is already the centerpiece of this campus.

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Today’s happy shot

Wailea Beach on Maui


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Maui Revisited, Day 1

Maui Revisited, Day 1

Last summer I went to Maui with my mom for an eating frenzy that I swore I’d never repeat.

Then I booked a trip to the Valley Isle — only to return to the same places I had been to the year earlier.

Now, here I am, sitting in a recliner on the lanai of my room at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, barely able to breathe after a decadent meal at Ferraro’s downstairs and regretting eating three meals in six hours.

I obviously didn’t learn my lesson.

While I plan to visit some familiar haunts — namely Komoda Bakery and Star Noodle — I have a few new adventures on the list, namely a walking tour of Lahaina, a night at the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival, and a lesson from a bartender at the resort on how he makes his popular blueberry mojito.

Here’s what my first day on Maui looked like:

Heading to Maui

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We left Honolulu on Wednesday morning, arriving in a slightly overcast Kahului. It hasn't rained yet — knock on wood — but it's been threatening.

Check out my visit to Sam Sato to eat dry noodles

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Today’s happy shot

Freshly picked strawberries from Kula Country Farms


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