Did This: Nonstop Kakaako

By October 23, 2011 #CatTravels

Forty food vendors, eight hours, five artists, three streets and a man cave.

Welcome to Nonstop Kakaako, a (hopefully) annual block party in Kakaako that brought together food, retail and entertainment over a six-acre space along Auahi Street.

Thousands turned out last night to be part of this mega pop-up experience, courtesy of Nonstop Honolulu and Kamehameha Schools. It featured everything from live entertainment to a ladies lounge to a beer garden. Definitely something for everyone. Not to mention, we announced the winners of the Best of Nonstop awards.

I got to emcee the event — yes, all eight hours of it — with my pal, Doc Rock, and had a front-row seat to the entire experience. We saw food trucks like Simply Ono and RB’s Ice Cream Desserts generously give away food to the crew working on the main stage and bands like Yoza and Lost at Sea tear it down. Lots of positive vibes everywhere.

Here’s what last night’s event looked like:

Nonstop Kakaako

Picture 1 of 23

This event celebrated the one-year anniversary of Nonstop Honolulu and Kamehameha Schools' plans to develop the neighborhood. Turned out to be a nice pairing.

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Q&A with Anuhea

By October 22, 2011 Musings, The Daily Dish

If 40 different food booths, a retail tent and a beer garden weren’t enough to get you to Nonstop Kakaako tonight, maybe this will.

Singer/songwriter Anuhea will be performing live on one of two stages at the event.

I nailed down the super-busy self-taught Maui-born talent for a quick Q&A about what she’s been doing, what she’s listening to, and where she loves to eat.

Cat:What have you been up to lately?

AnuheaI’ve been working hard. I recorded by album in Austin Texas. I filmed my new music video for “Higher Than The Clouds” on Maui. I just got back from Washington DC where I wrote and recorded a few songs with Jacob Hemphill of SOJA and did a show. Now I’m back in Hawaii for a string of shows here over the next few weeks.

Cat: What’s coming up for you?

Anuhea: I’m having the big concerts celebrating my upcoming release over haloween weekend. The MayJah Halloween RayJah w JBOOG & Natural Vibes. My Kickstarter campaign is just finishing up so I’ll be printing up and fulfilling those orders and sending people my album early. I have a small West Coast tour in December and then am playing with SOJA & The Green on four islands here in Hawaii in January.

Cat: What’s on your playlist right now?

Anuhea: Since I just got back from recording with SOJA, I’ve been bumping them a lot. The Greens new album is dope. And as I get my new songs back from mastering, I’ve been listening to them a lot too. 🙂

Cat: What’s going on with Hawaii’s music scene?

Anuhea: I think Hawaii’s music scene is really making an impact on the rest of the world. More bands from Hawaii are touring nationally and internationally, and representing Hawaii. The music coming out of Hawaii is getting more quality, and I think it’s only going to get better.

Cat: I have to ask: What are your favorite places to eat here and on Maui?

Anuhea: On Oahu I love Morimoto’s, Doraku, Assaggio and, for, lunch Diamond Head Grill. On Maui I love Mama’s Fish House, Paia Fish Market, Alexander’s Fish and Chips, and Casanovas. 🙂

Anuhea’s second album, “For Love,” won’t be available until February. But you can get it early at Kickstarter.

Anuhea explains it herself

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Today’s happy shot

By October 21, 2011 Food, Happy Shots

I love making banana muffins as much as I love eating them!


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FUUD: The ones left out

By October 21, 2011 Food

Tomorrow the winners of the first Best of Nonstop will be announced at Nonstop Kakaako — and some of you will be disappointed.

Not just because your favorite coffee shop or cocktail didn’t win. But some of your top picks weren’t even on the list.

For starters, nominees had to be on Oahu, so Neighbor Island eateries were left off. And secondly, the nominee lists were narrowed down to just five options — and you know there are more than five great food trucks and bakeries on the island.

So I wanted to know which restaurants, bakeries, nightclubs and hole-in-the-wall eateries you felt were left out.

Here are some of mine:

Best ramen?

Picture 1 of 11

How about best noodles? Then the list could have included saimin and, my favorite, dry min from Sam Sato's on Maui.

Here were the Best of Nonstop categories:

Best bakery
Best coffee
Most creative sweet treats
Best dessert (signature dessert)
Best Farm to Table dining ~ Eat local
Best fried chicken
Most innovative restaurant
Best laulau
Best local-style pupu
Best loco moco
Best new food truck
Best pizza
Best poke
Best ramen
Best shave ice 2.0 (new types)
Best sushi rolls
Best tacos
Best New Bar/Club/Lounge
Best Cocktails
Best Live Music Venue
Best Nightclub

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Yes, I sleep with dogs

By October 20, 2011 The Dog Dish

I was talking with a girlfriend of mine and, in conversation, mentioned my dogs sleep in my bed.

Yes, with me.

“They sleep with you?” she asked with a hint of disgust.

“Yeah, why, is that weird?”


That was enough for me to figure out just how she felt about it.

Until Sunny — who I got two years ago — I never slept with dogs. Or guinea pigs. Or our pet turtle. Animals had separate living quarters — and those were usually somewhere outside.

My parents never let animals — aside from fish — in the house. Even when I got a little, shy Papillon, the poor guy had to stay outside.

When I first got Sunny, I got a bed, too. Just for her. But it didn’t take long before this little four-month-old puppy was curled up next to my legs in bed — my bed — that everything changed.

Now I can’t imagine my dogs sleeping anywhere else.

I wondered if this was weird. Reality TV diva Kim Kardashian can’t sleep with pooches in her sheets. But is she the norm?

According to a recent survey of pet owners by the American Pet Products Association, nearly half of dogs sleep in their owner’s beds. The survey found that 62 percent of small dogs, 41 percent of medium-sized dogs and 32 percent of large dogs sleep with their owners. (Even majority of cats sleep with their adult owners.)

So it’s normal — but is it healthy?

Not if you have pet allergies or asthma. And pets can “bring a wide range of zoonotic pathogens into our environment,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Still, I can’t kick my furry friends out of my bed.

Can you?

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