Postcards: Madison-style pizza

By August 29, 2011 Postcards

Derek is staying at a classmate’s place about two miles outside the campus. And he was starving. So he walked down the block and ate dinner at Madtown Pizza (912 E. Johnson St., 608.250.3333), which serves specialty and custom pizzas, sandwiches, mini calzones and pasta dishes.

He ordered the Maddelicious ($12.59 for a 12-inch pie), which came topped with pepperoni, sausages, mushrooms, onions and green peppers. His stomach was very happy.

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Postcards: Derek’s first impression of Madison

By August 29, 2011 Postcards

In a word — hick.

This was in the men’s bathroom at the airport in Madison, Wisc. Derek, who lived in Greeley, Colo. for six years, said this: “Even Colorado never had this!”

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Derek’s last meals

By August 29, 2011 Food

If you’ve ever left your hometown for any substantial amount of time, you know the one thing you’d miss is the local cuisine.

Well, it was no different for my boyfriend, Derek, who left last night for graduate school in Madison, Wisc.

He knew exactly what he wanted to eat — and we ate it. All of it. From kalua pig and fresh poi from Ono Hawaiian Foods on Kapahulu Avenue to a chili frank plate from Rainbow Drive-In.

It was an epic weekend of eating — and I’m going to pay for it this week.

Better dig out those running shoes. I’m going to need ’em!

Here’s what we ate:

Kaimuki Grill

Picture 1 of 31

Our eat-venture started at Kaimuki Grill (1108 12th Ave.) with a get-together with the Old Guys we surf with. It's one of our favorite spots to kick back with a cold beverage — Derek's choice is almost always beer — and heavy local-style pupus.

During the months that Derek will be in Madison, he’ll be sending me photos of what he’s doing, where he’s hanging and, of course, what he’s eating. I’ll be posting them on the blog under “Postcards from Madison.” Enjoy!

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Today’s happy shot

By August 27, 2011 Food, Happy Shots

Derek’s last Hawaiian plate — courtesy of Ono Hawaiian Food on Kapahulu Avenue — before heading to Wisconsin tomorrow.


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Today’s happy shot

By August 26, 2011 Food, Happy Shots

My dream come true: a butter sampler from Alan Wong’s


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