FUUD: Murphy’s Bar & Grill

FUUD: Murphy’s Bar & Grill

One of my favorite things about working in downtown was the bounty of lunch options.

Whatever you’re craving — pho, ahi poke, tomato bisque, carne asada burritos, crepes, vegetarian spanakopita — you can find in a four-block radius.

And when you’re in the mood for a pint of beer at lunch — because you’re having that kind of day — or homemade blueberry pie, you can head to Murphy’s Bar & Grill (@murphysdowntown) on the corner of Merchant and Nuuanu.

This longtime neighborhood pub has been a favorite lunch spot for years. But hardcore patrons know that on Fridays, owner Don Murphy pulls out his secret weapon: his wife’s homemade pies.

And they sell out fast.

Here’s what we had on a recent Friday, pies included:

Murphy's Bar & Grill

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Murphy's is that great neighborhood pub. It's been serving folks traditional Irish pub fare since 1987.

Murphy’s Bar & Grill, 2 Merchant St. Restaurant hours: 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday through Friday, 5-10 p.m. Saturday, 5-9 p.m. Sunday. Phone: (808) 531-0422

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Today’s happy shot

A malassada, this one from Champion on Beretania Street, can make any day better.


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Toning shoes: ugly and ineffective

Toning shoes: ugly and ineffective

To anyone wearing those hideous toning shoes, some relief.

You don’t have to embarrass yourself in public anymore.

According to several studies — including a recent one, the results presented last month at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine — muscle activation and oxygen consumption were almost identical whether the women wore toning or normal walking shoes.

Meaning, those rocker-shaped soles that promise to tighten your calves, thighs and butt don’t do anything ordinary shoes would. Yes, even if they “feel” different.

I’ll admit: I’ve been tempted to spend the $100 or so to buy one of these miracle shoes and walk my way to a fitter body. But like anything that sounds too good to be true, it is.

It’s amazing, though, how companies are able to get away with what essentially is misleading (not necessarily false) advertising. On the SKECHERS website, it says its Shape-ups will “tone your muscles, promote healthy weight loss and make it easy to get in shape.”

While the claims may not be entirely true, if people — namely, women — buy these shoes and actually start walking, that’s a good thing. And I’m guessing some women have used these shoes to get back into shape — and may not have even attempted it had it not been for the convincing sales pitch.

If that’s enough to get people out there and moving, I suppose the shoes have done their job.

I’m just glad I didn’t buy into it. Otherwise, I would have an ugly pair of useless shoes.

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Dog Patrol: Missing chihuahua/terrier

Dog Patrol: Missing chihuahua/terrier

A friend of mine is helping her friend find a lost pooch. Maybe you’ve seen her?

This is Bella, a 6-pound chihuahua/terrier mix who last seen last Sunday around 5 p.m. on Anoi Road in Kaneohe. She ran away from her dog-sitter the day before in the housing area across from Castle High School. Her fur is white and coarse and she’s very friendly with people and other animals.

Spread the word! There’s a reward, too!

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Going in Google+ circles

Going in Google+ circles

Are you in the Circle?

Apparently, I am. But I’m not in the loop.

Circles are the latest social media hub — the place where you want to be. It’s replacing followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook.

And yet, Google+, the company’s newest social-networking effort, looks a lot like the latter social networking site.

You organize people into Circles and you can choose what you share with them. There’s a news feed, called a Stream, and a feature called Sparks that encourages users to plug into news that interests them. And there are things called Hangouts, a 10-person video chat that’s way cooler than anything Facebook has to offer thus far.

The best part? You don’t have to request to be friends with anyone. Or approve (or ignore) friend requests. Always the awkward part about Facebook.

A look at Google+

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Except I have no idea how this whole thing is supposed to work.

There are so many terms I need to get used to: Huddle, Spark, Hangout, Circles. I was just getting used to tweeting and DM-ing. Now I need to master the Google+ lingo while managing the same friends I’ve already organized in Twitter (in lists) and Namesake (in conversations) on a site that looks like my Facebook.

I have a headache.

I’m wondering if all this social media stuff is really making me more social — or more socially deficient. I spent more time these days managing my sites — posting pics, responding to replies and comments, browsing status updates, endorsing followers, “like”-ing photos of double rainbows — that I don’t have time to really socialize with real people in real time in real life.

Is this really what social media should be about?

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