Great Debate: Fat but rich vs. skinny but poor

Great Debate: Fat but rich vs. skinny but poor

It’s a question I often see pop up on message boards and news polls:

Would you rather be fat but rich or skinny but poor?

People quickly see the loophole and choose fat but rich, figuring they can hire a personal trainer or dietician — or plastic surgeon — to make them skinny. Then they’ll be what everyone really wants: skinny AND rich.

Truth is, people want to be either skinny or rich — both, preferably — thinking it either will guarantee them a better life.

Now, there’s some truth in that.

Being overweight would be a huge obstacle if you enjoy being active, traveling, running marathons. Let’s face it: this world doesn’t make accommodations (willingly) for overweight and obese folks. We make it hard for them to find clothing that fits well, we make them buy two tickets on airplanes, and they end up paying more in medical expenses. It’s a tough life.

But being poor isn’t so attractive, either. Money does buy some level of happiness. You can live in safer neighborhoods, drink cleaner water, send your kids to college, travel more, eat better — the list goes on.

But it’s foolish to think that both — being skinny and/or rich — will equate to a better life. It may — but it’s not the only factor.

This is a tough one. I’d have to say, since I’m active, I’d rather be skinny (or fit) and poor. I can always marry the fat, rich guy!

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MTV turning 30 and in a mid-life crisis

MTV turning 30 and in a mid-life crisis

Is this right? Britney Spears is the same age as MTV?


It’s hard to believe it was 30 years ago today that MTV began airing something we had never seen before, at least in America: music videos. The first one to air on the pioneering cable channel was, appropriately, “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles, an English New Wave group.

The first video aired on MTV 30 years ago

Boy, has MTV come a long way from the days of hour-long video marathons to, well, hardly playing a music video anymore.

Criticize MTV all you want. You can’t deny its powerful influence on pop culture. Lauren Conrad (“Laguna Beach,” “The Hill”) and the entire “Jersey Shore” cast didn’t exist until MTV.

And remember these classic shows: “Club MTV,” “Direct Effect,” “Headbangers Ball,” “MTV Unplugged,” “Yo! MTV Raps,” “My So-Called Life” and “Remote Control.” These were after-school TV staples for me — and most of my generation.

But like everything else in media, MTV has, well, sold out. It banks more on the undeniable popularity (and cheap production costs) of reality TV — 

While some — “Pimp My Ride,” “Run’s House” and “MTV Cribs” — are enjoyable, others — “Jersey Shore,” “16 and Pregnant” and “My Super Sweet 16″ — are barely tolerable. Honestly, I’d rather watch commercials.

Still, MTV has been our friend — or frenemy — for years, and it’s been quite a ride.

Here are three fun reads today about the best memories of MTV these past 30 years:

“The 30 all-TIME best music videos” by TIME
“Happy birthday MTV: 30 best moments” from The Guardian
• “MTV’s best videos ever” from NBC’s “Today”

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Today’s happy shot

A burger made with a Krispy Kreme donut? Oh, yeah!


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Day 2: Different sides of Kauai

Day 2: Different sides of Kauai

We didn’t have much time.

Only on Kauai for two days — and working most of our waking hours — we wanted to see and do and eat as much as we could in a 48-hour span.

It’s amazing how much this island has to offer, from white-sand beaches to lush hikes to historic towns bustling with art galleries, walking tours and trendy eateries.

We spent our last day traveling from magical Hanalei on Kauai’s north shore to the historic plantation town of Hanapepe on the west side, visiting everything in between.

Here’s what our last 24 hours looked like:

Good morning, Kauai

Picture 1 of 26

We woke up yesterday in Princeville to this: a cloudy but stunning sunrise over Kilauea Lighthouse.

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Day 1: Kauai on the fly

Day 1: Kauai on the fly

I have a love-hate relationship with traveling.

On the one hand, I love experiencing new places, eating at new restaurants and meeting new people.

But on the other hand, I like my own bed, my own bathroom — and control over my own schedule.

You don’t get those three on business trips — which is the reason I’m on Kauai this week.

Of course, that’s only true depending on the people you travel with — and I scored on this trip.

The folks I’m with love to eat, love to laugh and — did I mention? — love to eat. So we were all on the same page.

And honestly, there’s no better place to do those things than on Kauai, where you can eat locally sourced food and see the most stunning sights in the world — all within a one-mile radius.

Here’s what our first day on the Garden Isle looked like:

Java Kai

Picture 1 of 23

First stop: coffee. So we headed to the charming town of Hanalei on Kauai's north shore and directly to Java Kai, a coffee shop opened by Jennifer and Brent Hickman in 1997.

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