Today’s happy shot

By September 24, 2011 #CatTravels, Happy Shots

You know what made the #VegasGirls happy? Sugar Factory on the Strip. Oh, yeah.


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#VegasGirls: Get me food!

By September 23, 2011 #CatTravels, Food

What could go wrong, went wrong.

Even down to the timeshare where we staying not having wireless Internet access — or a business center that allows the use of thumb drives. (I mean, really?)

Our Vegas adventure started innocently enough.

A group of us decided to take a weekend jaunt to Sin City to use a timeshare one of my girlfriends owns. We found an available weekend — a tiny miracle among five professional women — and booked our flights.

Then it went downhill from there.

First, the Continental Airlines flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles was at capacity, so overhead bin space was at a premium. One of my girlfriends had to rearrange her roller board to pass inspection at the gate.

Then I had to change seats twice to accommodate passengers who wanted to sit together but didn’t book early enough. (Another girlfriend had to move, too, once she was on the plane.)

All that was manageable enough.

It was the plane turning around mid-flight to Los Angeles — then flying in circles for hours to burn fuel before landing — that really sent our vacation spiraling downhill.

Due to some mechanical problem involving the word, “auxiliary,” our plane had to return to Honolulu and its passengers — us — had to re-board another.

We left Honolulu at 8 p.m., returned just after midnight, and boarded a second plane after 1 a.m. It had been five hours since we took off the first time — and we were still in Hawaii!

It just didn’t end. The flight crew on Continental was anything but friendly and sympathetic. (We didn’t get free food much less a smile from these flight attendants.) Then, once we landed in LAX, we were told we were rebooked on separate flights, including one leaving the next day. And my laptop bag broke.

In the meantime, our other girlfriend, who booked a different flight altogether, was waiting in Vegas for us.

It just didn’t end!

But by some stroke of luck — hey, we were heading to Vegas, after all — we all managed to get on the 4:10 p.m. flight — three of us actually sitting together — and made it to our final destination, albeit 20 hours later.

We lost an entire day, much-needed sleep and faith that this trip wasn’t going to continue to be a disaster.

So we avoided slot machines and went straight to the things in Vegas we knew weren’t going to fail us: food and shopping.

Here’s what our first night in Vegas looked like:

The 'before' photo

Picture 1 of 29

Here we are, before boarding the fateful flight to Las Vegas via Los Angeles that started this whole crazy adventure. Don't we look so happy? (LOL)

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#VegasGirls: 4:10 to Vegas

By September 22, 2011 #CatTravels


After 11 hours — waiting at gates, waiting on the plane, waiting on line — we got booked on United Airlines’ 4:10 to Vegas flight.

This hasn’t been a good start to our Vegas getaway.

First, one of my girlfriends almost had to check in her carryon bag because the flight was full and storage space tight. Then, I got asked to change seats twice. Then, another friend was moved, too. One iPhone crapped out, my laptop bag broke — and lunch at the airport cost $15.

This isn’t good.

But we’ve got reserved seats on the next direct flight to Vegas, we’re eating, there’s hope.

We’re all pulling the lever on the nearest Megabucks machine when we land. The Universe owes.

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#VegasGirls: Turned around

By September 22, 2011 #CatTravels


After three hours in the air, we’re back in Honolulu.

Plane problems. No help with connecting flights. Vegas on hold for now.

It would be great if someone from Continental Airlines would say something, help or — better yet — give us food vouchers or something.

I’ll keep you updated.

Too bad HNL doesn’t have slot machines…

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#VegasGirls: Move, please!

By September 21, 2011 #CatTravels


We haven’t left Honolulu yet and I was already asked to change seats — twice.

First, a couple wanted to sit together. So the customer service representative for Continental Airlines looked for seemingly single travelers. Like me. I was asked to move to an aisle seat — away from one of the girlfriends I was traveling to Las Vegas with — and I said OK. Aisle to another aide seat — that sounded reasonable.

But as I sat in my newly assigned seat, an older man asked if I could move to a middle seat because his wife is afraid of flying. They obviously weren’t sitting together.

“She might get sick,” he said.

When was this my problem?

So I moved, reluctantly, without so much as a sincere thank you.

The Universe better repay me in Vegas.

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