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Today’s Happy Shot

It’s Valentine’s Day! Do — and eat — what you love!


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Today’s Happy Shot


There’s nothing like celebrating a holiday with donuts! Happy Fourth, everyone!

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Today’s Happy Shot


What is it about baked macaroni and cheese that makes it so irresistibly good? That’s particularly true for the version served at 12th Avenue Grill in Kaimuki (above). This dish came with Hamakua mushrooms, too. A must!

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Today’s Happy Shot


I sat in the rain in Nuuanu at the graves of my grandparents and wondered what life would be like if they were still here.

It’s probably something a lot of think about on Memorial Day, but this one been particularly hard.

I don’t have any more grandparents alive and I see people around me — my parents, the Old Guys — getting older and older. I wish I talked to my grandparents more, wrote down their stories, learned their recipes. Time is so fleeting like that.

So on this Memorial Day, after you visit those who have passed, spend time with those still around. Listen to their stories, learn to make their nishime, and most importantly, hug them and tell them you love them. That’s what Memorial Day should be all about.

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Today’s (un)Happy Shot


More than 200 box jellyfish were found in Waikiki this morning. The influx should last all weekend. Stay out of the water!

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