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#CatTravels: Heading to Okinawa

By On April 17, 2015

No, I’m not Okinawan. I say this because I’m asked it all the time. And I’m not really sure why. (I do love my taco rice and soki soba…) Maybe it has… Read More


#CatEats: Table-to-farm event at the Sheraton Waikiki

By On April 15, 2015

It’s nearly impossible to find Twin Bridge Farms in Waialua without specific directions from someone who’s actually been there. It turns up in two different spots on two different map apps on… Read More


#40trails No. 2: Waipo‘o Falls Trail, Kaua‘i

By On April 13, 2015

HIKE: Waipo‘o Falls Trail, Kōkeʻe, Kaua‘i WHEN: March 2015 LENGTH: 2 miles, roundtrip DIFFICULTY: Moderate FEATURES: Birding, native plants, waterfalls, canyon views KŌKEʻE, Kauaʻi — After driving for about an hour from… Read More


New project: #40trails

By On April 10, 2015

I don’t know when I first started hiking. But when I started, I didn’t stop. I’ve always loved just being outdoors, whether sitting in my backyard or drifting on a surfboard in… Read More


#CatTravels: Turning 40 in Kōkeʻe

By On March 30, 2015

It was my birthday. But it wound up being more of a bird-day. My husband, an avid hiker and nature geek, decided to take me to Kōkeʻe on Kaua‘i for my 40th… Read More